Saturday, January 8, 2005


This poem is an illustration of one of my favorite moments in Lord of the Rings (just the book, unless this scene sneaked its way into the extended edition, which I will know soon enough). Enjoy!


His master lay in sleep’s embrace,
His face engraved with lines of care
Too deeply felt to fade away
While Sauron’s malice laid him bare.

Within the shadow of Mount Doom,
In gloom the steadfast Samwise kept
A vigil, but the foul air clad
Him in despair as Frodo slept.

A vast expanse before him stretched,
And etched into the barren ground
Were rivulets where never more
Would trace of water yet be found.

But through the weariness of night,
A light arose to comfort him.
An ancient star of ivory hue
Enlivened hope that had gone dim.

For beauty lingered even here,
So near to torment and defeat,
And whispered, “‘Tis no lasting thing.
The dark, though vast, is incomplete.”

Stout Samwise, startled by the thought,
Found naught could drive away the voice
Of providence. His placid heart
Found confidence to make a choice.

Foregoing pride and opened eyes,
Samwise the brave – Samwise the blessed –
Lay down at his beloved friend’s side,
Surrendering to blissful rest.

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