Thursday, August 3, 2006

Little Foxes (Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds)

Here is a parody of the song Little Boxes on the subject of the fairly obscure book The Fox Busters. Because that's just the sort of mood I'm in right now...

Little Foxes

Little foxes on the hillside.
Little foxes want a chicken dinner.
Little foxes on the hillside,
Little foxes all the same.

They have red coats and long whiskers.
They have bushy tails and beady eyes,
And they wish they had a chicken dinner.
Yes, their tastes are just the same.

And the chickens in the houses
Are hardy, so they are hard to catch,
But does that faze the foxes,
With their taste buds all the same?

No! They contemplate plunder
Of poultry and salivate
At the simple thought of chicken dinner.
Yes, they're schemers just the same.

And they try to climb the ladder
To munch on the biddies there
Who are sitting on their children
Who will hatch out any day.

Oh, they dream about those little birds,
Such tender and yellow balls of fluff.
They're heaven to the foxes,
And they all look just the same.

But the chickens in the coops, well,
They find out about their vicious plan
And then they trick those foxes
Who desire them all the same.

And they chase them and they hit them
With the hard-boiled eggs inside of them,
And they'll never wind up chicken dinner
For those foxes all the same.

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