Monday, August 7, 2006

So Sappy Together (Happy Together, Gary Bonner / Alan Gordon)

For all the beleaguered chick flick and romance novel lovers who are So Happy Together having a girls' night in. (Note: I don't generally dig romance novels, but I'm always up for a sappy movie, and so is my mom. Actually, so is my brother too, and sometimes my dad... I guess I got lucky...)

So Sappy Together

Just look at me and you, us two.
We get together Friday nights and dim the lights
And watch a movie filled with love, to our delight.
So sappy together.

I like to call you up at half past nine
And tell you, while I've got you captive on the line,
About a romance novel that I found divine.
So sappy together.

We have never met a love story that we did not adore.
At the bookstore, those things are all that we buy, and we want more!

Me and you, and you and me.
I think it's very nice the two of us can see
The films that make our husbands groan excessively.
So sappy together...

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