Monday, August 7, 2006

This Gambling Urge (Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me, Harry Noble)

I've been enjoying going to Casino Niagara with a friend of mine lately. When we go, we only play the free money given to us as part of the bus trip; otherwise, something like this could happen... In anticipation of Art Garfunkel's upcoming uber-oldies album, this is to the tune of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me.

This Gambling Urge

Hit me, hit me!
I'll admit the blackjack bug has bit me, bit me.
I have been attacked, and it's the pits be-, pits be-
Cause I cannot shake this gambling urge.

Show me, show me
All the latest slot machines to go de-, go de-
Posit all these stacks of green. I know we, know we
Can't afford it, but I've got this urge.

They told me, "Be sensible with your spending.
Don't be fooled when the dealers say you can win."
But they never stood here for hours on end in
The warm glow of the neon lights and watched the slots hypnotically spin!

Bill me, bill me!
When we leave, I'm certain that we will be, will be
Deep in debt. I know I have been silly, silly,
But I just can't help this gambling urge.

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