Monday, August 7, 2006

Grover (The Irish Rover, Traditional)

One of the things I am trying to do with my slew of parodies is represent as many of my favorite musicians as I can. This is based on The Irish Rover, as performed by the band of nearly the same name. I've listened the the Irish Rovers for years, and they're one of my favorite bands ever. I'm hoping to see them again next week, as a matter of fact, though I don't know if that will work out... Anyway, this is an ode to my favorite gangly blue monster.


Well, on Sesame Street you are likely to meet
A small fellow who's furry and blue.
He is gangly and sweet from his head to his feet
And he wants to be buddies with you.
He has got a pink nose and some rarely seen toes,
And he sounds a lot like Yoda.
He is not all that smart, but he has a good heart.
He's the monster that they call Grover.

All the customers hate when he works as a waiter
Because he's completely inept,
And they start getting rude when he brings the wrong food,
But he's charming through all his missteps.
Well, he has helped to make clear what is far and what's near,
And though he has quivered all over,
He's been there as we took a long look through his book,
At the end of which we found Grover.

Grover always is nice, and his words are precise.
You will not hear him say "can't" or "won't".
This trick makes him unique and appeases the geeks
Who love grammar and loathe those who don't.
He is one of those guys who persistently tries.
He perseveres over and over,
Never stopping to rest. I must say, I'm impressed
By this monster that they call Grover.

Now he flies through the air just to help children care
About people who live far away.
And before each trip ends, he has made some new friends
And has learned just how they work and play.
He has visited homes from the grandiose Rome
To Irish fields covered with clover,
And everyone gapes at his helmet and his cape.
They all love him because he's Grover.

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