Friday, December 22, 2006

O City of Metropolis (O Little Town of Bethlehem, Phillips Brooks / Lewis Redner)

Christmas is nearly upon us now, so I thought it would be a good time to post the first of two parodies that will serve as a sort of Christmas card from me. (In fact, I included this one in my physical Christmas card.) Given my obsession this year with Superman, I thought it might be nice if my Chistmas greetings (to the tune of O Little Town of Bethlehem) reflected that. Hope yours is very merry!

O City of Metropolis

O city of Metropolis,
I watch you as I fly.
Your problems all seem very small
From up here in the sky.
I hear your people pining
For me to make things right,
But riding on the wings of dawn,
You're such a peaceful sight.

This is my sanctuary.
I hover far above,
Forgoing sleep to calmly keep
An eye on those I love.
I float just like a feather
And yet am bound to Earth,
This realm of man more homelike than
The planet of my birth.

How violently, how violently
My rivals flaunt their sin.
I hope I can undo their plans,
But where do I begin?
Calamities keep coming.
My efforts wear me thin.
I come up here so I can clear
My head of all the din.

I pray for you, Metropolis -
Yes, Superman can pray,
For Krypton's son, for all he's done,
Can only save the day.
I know who holds tomorrow;
I hope you know as well.
Though I may be a hero, He's
The true Emmanuel.

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