Friday, January 12, 2007


 Here's a poem addressing Lionel, inspired by one of my favorite Smallville episodes, Transference.

You were cunning and conniving.
You were suave and debonair,
And your fortunes were as thriving
As your lustrous locks of hair.

Then you harshly were reminded
You were fallible and weak.
So it was when you were blinded
That you first began to seek.

As you blundered in the darkness,
You endeavored to endure,
Probing enigmatic Clark
In hopes that he might hold your cure.

With fair Martha, you sought solace,
But she brushed aside your charms,
And your son became more callous
Though you offered open arms.

In long years of empty living,
Lex learned what you always taught:
That if he should be forgiving,
He would soon be cruelly caught.

When at last your eyes were opened,
You saw what you had to do.
Malice mingled with your hope
As your grim machinations grew.

Like a predator, you waited,
Never dreaming that the day
Soon was dawning when the hated
Hunter would become the prey.

All at once, the balance shifted
And your wealth was meaningless.
Your disease would not be lifted;
You were bathed in bitterness.

Ragged fear and desperation
Carved out craters in your face
As you seethed in caged frustration,
Wholly haggard and disgraced.

There was vitriolic fervor
In your plot to stay alive.
Though the Kent boy had the nerve to
Thwart you, through him, you'll survive.

Now the mysteries that plagued you
Are spread out before your eyes,
But that isn't all he gave you,
And you tremble in surprise.

He restored your health and vigor,
And although that was your goal,
He did something so much bigger.
Clark Kent gave you back your soul.

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