Monday, November 24, 2008

A Boy Called Charlie Brown (A Heart in New York, Benny Gallagher / Graham Lyle)

I've had Charlie Brown on the brain lately, so here's a little ode to everybody's favorite blockhead, to the tune of Art Garfunkel's A Heart in New York.

A Boy Called Charlie Brown

Good grief! 
Standing at the pitcher's mound,
Charlie sees his team is failure bound.
Good grief!
He cannot control his pen,
So he'll have to start his letter once again.

Good grief!
He's been cruelly conned by Lucy.
He won't ever learn, will he?
'Cause he's the boy,
The boy they call Charlie Brown.

The boy Charlie Brown is hopelessly sweet
On someone he hasn't the courage to meet.
The boy Charlie Brown puts up a good fight,
But killer trees always capture his kite.

Good grief!
Well, a good man's hard to find,
But ol' Charlie is as kind as he's clumsy,
So here's to Charlie Brown!

Good grief!
When your life has got you down,
Be sure to think of the boy,
The boy called Charlie Brown.

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