Sunday, September 24, 2006



Martha is a marvelous homemaker,
The keeper of an always cozy house,
An extraordinary cookie baker,
An utterly impressive mom and spouse.

Martha’s made her home a sanctuary,
A formidable fortress of a farm
Where those of ill intentions dare not tarry.
She will not let her family come to harm.

Her son has grown to be a man of merit
Possessing skills she cannot understand.
Yet her compassion was his to inherit
When she tenderly took his tiny hands.

His origins, his blood give him his power,
But strength developed underneath her gaze.
Since that grim day of the meteor shower,
They've saved each other in so many ways.

Devoted to the husband who adores her
And to the son they've nurtured as their own,
She doesn't know what dangers lie in store for
The boy alien to his very bone.

But Martha's earned the name that she was given,
Exhibiting great faith and fortitude.
She's made her home a perfect one to live in
With comforts far beyond mere warmth and food.

She taught the teen whose hands have lifted boulders,
And she's the one he always will turn to
While carrying the town upon his shoulders,
For Martha is a Martha through and through.

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