Monday, October 9, 2006

Clark's Song (Kathy's Song, Paul Simon)

Chloe wound up being my favorite character in the fourth season of Smallville, and I especially loved the episode Blank, so here's a little reflection by her midway through the episode, to the tune of Kathy's Song.

Clark's Song

I see that someone fried your brain.
Who am I? You can't recall.
Your mind is a vacant thing,
Empty as this town is small.

So I hope that you don't mind,
But I thought it would be wise
To guide you safely through the streets
While you gaze with glassy eyes.

It's strange to see you so confused.
I never thought that I one day
Would have to tell Clark Kent the deep
Dark secret he would not relay.

I'm amazed when I think of the things you've done.
It makes me sad to know that I'm
Someone you had to deceive.
Please put your trust in me this time.

Although I know you have come to doubt
That your friends' intents are true,
I'm on your side, so please believe
I always will look out for you.

I don't know what's inside your brain,
Locked away where none can pry;
I only hope I will remain
Part of you that you cannot deny.

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