Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ugly Betty Waltz (America, Paul Simon)

One of my favorite shows this year has been Ugly Betty, the story of a sweet, spunky young woman who makes it in the vicious world of fashion magazines despite her very plain looks. America Ferrera creates a character ordinary girls can identify with and conveys the positive message that inner beauty is what's most important. I've missed a few episodes lately, but I'm hoping I can catch up before the season ends. This is one show I'll be glad to see again in the fall. Here's a tribute to Betty to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's America.

Ugly Betty Waltz

Let us discover the strength of a woman who's tethered,
Bound to a face that's immediately tagged,
In a haughty word, calamitous. Do haters realize
That we've come to look up to America?

Betty is frumpy, with ponchos and glasses, but with her,
Mode is a mag that can brag a lot now.
Splits her pay four ways, with nephew and sis and pa.
We all look up to America.

Laughing in her face
As she grins through her braces,
Marc won't admit that she has the most fabulous eyes.
Catty Amanda is bummed cuz she's working for Dan, her love.

We watch with interest. Though her predicament's painful,
Betty's the person who powers the show.
While her colleagues turn greener, she improves the magazine.
What a harvest her bold suggestions yield!

Betty's young boss has said that he wouldn't be keeping
His job if his aide wasn't right by his side.
Somehow the things that she does just turn out right.
We've come to look up to America.
We all look up to America.
We all look up to America.

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