Monday, April 2, 2007

The Beagle and Woodstock (The Eagle and the Hawk, John Denver)

I love Peanuts, especially Snoopy and Woodstock. Here's a tribute to them to the tune of John Denver's The Eagle and the Hawk.

The Beagle and Woodstock

Snoopy: Oh, I am the beagle, I sit on my doghouse
And type tales that people will clamor to buy.

I am Woodstock, and I have yellow feathers.
I'm so small I tumble when I try to fly.
Although I am puny, my good buddy Snoopy sees
I'm a fantastically fun little guy.

Both: Come dance near that blond kid who fawns over Beethoven,
Skate on the birdbath, drink root beer in bars.
Friends since '67, we couldn't be cuter;
We may get paid peanuts, but we're the strip's stars.

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