Wednesday, April 4, 2007

That Little Car (This Old Guitar, John Denver)

I adore Herbie, that little VW with the 53 on the side who starred in several triumphantly corny movies. Not such a big fan of Jim Douglas, his arrogant owner. Here, with a little help from John Denver's This Old Guitar, I imagine him years into the future, reflecting upon the car that he gave up. He probably needn't feel too despondent, though; he may not be able to hang onto a woman for long, but somehow Herbie always seems to wind up back in his hands...

That Little Car

That little car helped me to win a trophy.
He showed me that I was a selfish guy.
He got me through the town in record time,
Beep-beeping all the way.
Who would have thought that Tennessee was right?
Oh, I was such a fool, for Tennessee was right.

That little car gave me a lovely lady,
Although her boss became my enemy.
I can't remember whether
He made us drift apart;
I'm guessing you can chalk that up to me.
What a bummer it was putting up with me.

That little car made me start really living.
Maybe I've backslid a time or two,
But every time I start to whine,
I recall that car with pride.
Herb, you were a driver's dream come true.
You were a driver's dream come true.
Yes, you were, you know,
You were a driver's dream come true.

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