Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Like Forrest (Feather Theme, Alan Silvestri)

One of my very favorite pieces of cinematic music is Alan Silvestri's whimsical opening feather theme from Forrest Gump. Here's my attempt to put words to it.

Like Forrest

Stifle your surprise
When you realize
That it would be wise
To look through his eyes...

Forrest is filled with gentle wisdom
Even though he's a fool.
Pride in his gaze, he watches his son
Boarding the bus to school.
Since he was born, he's always sworn to
Follow the Golden Rule.
What ecstasy to be
Like Forrest!

He's a simple man,
But he ran

Into the people who changed the course of hist'ry.
Catalyst unaware,
Forrest remains enmeshed in myst'ry
Under his crew-cut hair.
Sweetest of men, he showered Jenny
With his abundant care.
What an ideal to feel
Like Forrest!

Don't berate Forrest Gump;
Emulate Forrest Gump.

Though he has lived through tragic trauma -
Losing his two best friends,
Witnessing cancer take his mama -
He doesn't break; he bends.
Caught in the race of life, he's graceful,
Savors the time he spends.
What I would give to live
Like Forrest!

Wish I could see like Forrest Gump.
Wish I could be like Forrest Gump.

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