Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pesky Ramona (Lady Madonna, John Lennon / Paul McCartney)

One of my favorite characters growing up was Ramona Quimby, the free-spirited girl who is the subject of several Beverly Cleary books.  Now that she's about to hit the big screen, here's a song about Ramona, based on Ramona the Brave, to the tune of the Beatles' Lady Madonna.

Pesky Ramona

Pesky Ramona, making Susan howl.
What did she expect when she aped your owl?
Crushing her creature...  It was only fair.
Stupid stuffy Sue and her boingy hair!

Thought you’d like a room apart from Beezus.
Figured independence would be fun.
Now when night arrives, your blood just freezes.
Bring on the sun!

Pesky Ramona, whiskers on your Qs.
Teacher says to skip ‘em but you refuse.

Six is no fun!
Pesky Ramona, swearing in your rage.
“Guts!” sounds simply ghoulish to a girl your age.

Fighting off the mongrel who’s attacking.
You will lose a shoe before you’re done.
Never mind the footwear that you’re lacking;
Run, ‘Mona, run!

Pesky Ramona, who’d’ve ever guessed
Life could be so tough for a pint-sized pest?

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