Monday, July 26, 2010

Vanity (Danny Boy, Traditional)

My dad asked me to write this to go along with a sermon he was giving on Ecclesiastes.  I think that book's quite a downer, but I tossed in a bit of Paul to perk things up a bit...


We must accept the sorrows of humanity
And understand its joys will all be brief.
The years will turn our labors into vanity,
For only God is fit to conquer grief.

And so we toil, but all success is hollow.
Why even try to struggle and to learn?
Though we may triumph, emptiness will follow
As sure as green gives way to gold as seasons turn.

The earth remains though many generations
Have swiftly fled like rivers to the sea.
The sun will set on cities and on nations
Until they fully fade from memory.

Throughout our lives, in tragic times or merry,
We set our sights on matters far above,
For what we do is only temporary.
Yes, all is vanity but faith and hope and love.

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