Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Dragon's Dreams

Here's a rather sad little ode to Smaug, the fearsome dragon in The Hobbit. He's certainly not a nice creature, but there are times during his conversation with Bilbo when I can't help but feel a bit sympathetic toward him...

A Dragon’s Dreams

Mighty Smaug, treasure hog,
Loiters in his cave.
All alone on his throne,
He need not be brave.

He need not give a thought
To the world of men,
But if gold makes them bold,
He’ll give chase again.

He will show that he’s no
Obsolete reptile.
His foul breath will bring death.
They will call him vile.

They’ll declare him unfair,
Repugnant and wrong.
“Villainous!” they will fuss,
Hating him in song.

He will spread gloom and dread
With his midnight raids
Twice a year, so the fear
Never fully fades.

Smaug’s dream stops. His tail flops.
With a startled snore,
He is bent toward a scent
He’s not smelled before.

He can’t see what must be.
Soon he will descend
Upon Dale, where he’ll fail
And his dreams will end.

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