Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Fading Queen

This is one of my oldest Lord of the Rings poems, barring some really crummy ones I wrote in middle and high school. I probably wrote it about five years ago. I guess Galadriel isn't really a queen technically, but I've always thought of her as one. The Elves have a rather tough time of it in Lord of the Rings, and Galadriel is an especially tragic case...

A Fading Queen

In Lorien a maiden fair
Was born to reign as queen.
The sunlight shimmered in her hair
Through mallorn treetops green.

Aerendil’s haunting star of light,
Reflected in her eyes,
Betrayed a cruel heart-wrenching plight
That she could not disguise.

Her ancient wisdom served to tell
Of sorrows yet to come
But could not show Galadriel
A way to save her home.

Then opportunity arose
For her to take her place
As ruler greater than her foes...
But she declined with grace.

Her pristine spirit’s Elven glow
Would not be extinguished.
With dignity she’d fading go,
Wistful, but distinguished.

In misty lands across the sea –
Beyond the west of West –
Her enchanted soul wanders free
In soft slumberless rest.

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