Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bilbo and the Eagles

I've been going through some of my files, and I came across half a dozen Tolkien-related poems that I never posted during my rush of Middle-earth poetry a year and a half ago. I guess I left them out because I don't like them as much as the others, but they're halfway-decent, so I might as well complete my little collection online, and then maybe I can get around to writing some new ones.

One problem with this one is that I can't seem to confirm whether the Lord of the Eagles in The Hobbit is, in fact, Gwaihir. I thought he was, but now I'm having doubts... Ah, well. Anyway, here's Bilbo in flight, not something he's particularly thrilled about, and yet a little part of him is...

Bilbo and the Eagles

Jump for joy or quake in fear?
Bilbo can’t decide
How to greet the great Gwaihir.
Is he on their side?

Stern but still not quite unkind,
He lets out a cry.
Swiftly, as if of one mind,
His subjects fill the sky.

Bilbo shudders, stunned and shaken,
When a mighty eagle
Grabs him like a piece of bacon.
How can this be legal?

What a rush of vertigo!
Bilbo writhes around.
He does not care where they go –
As long as it’s the ground.

After what seems like hours,
All the eagles land.
He marvels at their power,
Drawn from wings, not hands.

Bilbo bows in homage to
Lord Gwaihir’s dominion.
Though terror’s in his talons, true
Beauty’s in his pinions.

He’s relieved to feel the earth
Underneath his feet.
But this ride’s been a rebirth.
The difference is discreet.

No one but the wizard sees
He’s changed with the descent.
Awakened by the journey, he’s
Ready for adventure.

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