Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Innkeeper

I always really liked Butterburr and was a bit bummed when the whole incident with the message from Gandalf that he failed to deliver was cut out of the movie. He's a great character. Hm, and his name is suspiciously similar to butterbeer, my favorite fictional beverage...

The Innkeeper

Is Barliman a snarly man?
Oh, no. Hardly ever.
With ready smile and pleasant style,
He’s kindly, if not clever.

With warmth and cheer, he serves up beer
That travelers admire.
His cozy restaurant’s the best
On this side of the Shire.

The rousing tales, good food and ales
That fill the Prancing Pony
Spark gratitude. His attitude
Is grand and never phony.

Running this inn has worn him thin
(In mind, that is, not body).
It’s hard to claim that he’s to blame
If his memory’s shoddy.

And if he must watch with distrust
The dark, forbidding Ranger,
It’s no surprise. Those hooded eyes
Are flecked with hints of danger.

His heart is pure, but Butterburr’s
Rosy cheeks are redder
Than ever now. He can’t see how
He could forget that letter.

It’s understood this man is good;
He may be spared his gizzard.
But still he quakes, for his mistake
Has quite upset a wizard.

In his defense, the consequence
Of Barliman’s omission
Was not too grim. It’s not on him
If Frodo fails his mission.

He is, of course, filled with remorse.
As tears roll down his face,
Gandalf just sighs, “All right, don’t cry.
Your heart’s in the right place.”

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