Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Morning

Here is another poem about Bilbo Baggins, this one focusing on his fateful meeting with Gandalf in the first few pages of The Hobbit.

Good Morning

“Good morning!” Bilbo greeted
The wizard at his door.
Internally, he bleated,
“What is it he’s here for?”

His figure was imposing,
As was his gnarled pole.
What right did he have nosing
Around his hobbit hole?

As Bilbo’s stomach rumbled –
For second breakfast waited –
He did not dare to grumble
But stood there with breath bated.

“Adventure” was the sole word
Escaping Gandalf’s lips
That Bilbo actually heard.
His hands went to his hips.

“Nasty things,” he objected.
“They make you late for dinner.”
“Tomorrow,” directed
Gandalf, “We will begin.”

He left poor Bilbo in dismay.
The hobbit thought, “How could
I be foolish enough to say
This morning would be good?”

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