Monday, July 24, 2006

Camping in the Rain (Crying in the Rain, Howard Greenfield, Carole King)

I wrote this Crying in the Rain parody just before we headed home from a very rainy camping weekend, leaving a suddenly beautiful day behind us.
Camping in the Rain

I never thought I'd be
So glad to see polite society.
I guess I lied saying I could abide
Inconvenience and strain.
We did our camping in the rain.

We arrived to cloudless skies,
But we soon were in for an ugly surprise.
We never know on the day that we go
If the clouds will refrain
Or leave us camping in the rain.

Raindrops fell on our pillows,
On our sleeping bags, our campfire and on me.
Because of nasty weather, we huddled close together
And ate our lunch beneath a canopy.

Our weekend had just begun,
But I could tell it wouldn’t be very fun.
We can’t have a ball if the sky’s gonna fall.
Yeah, I think it’s a pain that
We did our camping in the rain.

The thunderheads were forming,
And soon it started storming.
My glasses were so streaked I couldn’t see.

And then when our trip was done,
We drove away under a bright blazing sun.
Oh, I went to school, but I still feel a fool.
Would somebody explain it?
Why'd we go camping in the rain?

Why’d we go camping in the rain?
Why’d we go camping in the rain?
(I prefer when tents are dry.)
Camping, camping, camping, camping...
Seems like the trip was all in vain.
We did our camping in the rain. 

Crying in the Rain 

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