Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Dig Nuclear Fusion (I Dig Rock and Roll Music, Paul Stookey / Jim Mason / Dave Dixon)

In three days I'm going to see Peter, Paul and Mary. I can't wait! Since I've got them on the brain, here is a parody of I Dig Rock and Roll Music inspired by Spiderman 2.

I Dig Nuclear Fusion

I dig nuclear fusion
And I love to get the chance to play with atoms!
I figure I could cause confusion,
But ethics get in the way.
That Osborn guy annoys me.
He's such a bossy boy.
He bugs me, but hey! He's willing to pay.

I think it's mean that such a genius as I am
Has to pander to him.
But I got a good thing goin',
'Cause I'm certain I see a glimmer.
Lately I've been thinkin'
That I am on the brink, and
My goal's not out of reach at all!

Think I'll have a demonstration,
Show what I can do.
Oops! Unforeseen complications.
Lost my wife, and I'm blue.
Now I have robot arms, see?
I'll admit that they alarm me.
This has been such an awful day!

I dig that Peter Parker.
Yeah, I think that he is one groovy kid.
But I've grown too much darker
To regret what I did.
I got him good and angry.
He'll bring me Spiderman.
Before too long, victory will be mine!

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