Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Harry Was An Only Child (Mary Was An Only Child, Albert Hammond / Mike Hazlewood / Jorge Milchberg)

Another Harry Potter song, this one to the tune of Art Garfunkel's Mary Was An Only Child.

Harry Was an Only Child

Harry was an only child.
Nobody held him; nobody smiled.
He grew up with the Dursleys, wretched and poor,
But was destined to win the great wizarding war.

Harry had no friends at all
Till he met Ron and Hermione that fall
When he joined Hogwarts. What was in store
For the one who would win the great wizarding war?

We don't know how the story ends.
Will he find the strength to rescue his friends?
How much must he sacrifice, and how long before
Harry Potter will win the great wizarding war?

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